To globally be the preferred financial services provider of innovative solutions across Africa. 



Committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers and other stakeholders by providing competitive financial solutions while ensuring efficient service delivery and people empowerment. 



  • Top 5 Private Bank in East Africa
  •             To be one of top 5 private bank in East Africa based on Asset size
  • Market Leader in Innovation & Digitization 

            To be the market leader through investment in impactful, transformation innovation and digitization 

  • Employer of Choice 

           To be the employer of choice in the financial industry 

  • A Bank with Continuous Learning & Development Culture 

           Creating and retaining a competitive and fulfilled workforce by driving a culture of continuous learning and development 

  • Leader in Customer Centricity

          To set the industry benchmark in superior customer centricity to deliver outstanding customer value 

  • Superior Value to Customers & Other Stakeholders 

           To be an insight driven organization, delivering superior value to customer and other stakeholders 

  • Trusted partner across the entire value chain 

           To be at the forefront of strategic partnership as trusted partner with key players across the entire value chain 

  • Known for inclusivity in the region and beyond

           To be renowned for driving inclusivity across the region and beyond by serving our customers without prejudice. 



በሕብረት ሠርተን በሕብረትእንደግ!