Money Trasfer

Broadband Local Money Transfer – BLMT

Broadband local money transfer is one of the peculiar services of United Bank S.C. The introduction of this electronic money transfer service, which uses a broadband connection, is quiet a departure from a transfer service given by using telephone lines. This service, thanks to the new technology, is conducted in real time. The service gained wide acceptance by customers and the positive feedback about the product is overwhelming.

What is its advantage?

Most of our branches have a broadband network infrastructure, and use a central database. By using this central database, the data from the money sender side can be transferred in real time and this will allow the receiver to collect the money sent instantly.

What are the procedures to use this service?

  • Visit the nearby United Bank branch and fill the form prepared by the Bank. In the form the following information have to be filled:

    • Name and address of the recipient
    • Name and address of the remitter/sender
    • Amount of money to be sent
    • Secret code
  • Provide the cash, if you want to send from your pocket, or provide your passbook, if you want to send from your account in United Bank, with the filled form to the teller.

  • The teller will give you an advice containing secret code and instrument number

  • Tell the code and the instrument number to the receiver and make sure the information remains between you and the receiver only

  • After the codes are transmitted to the receiver, s/he can collect the money immediately by appearing at the paying branch