United Bank has opened its 128th branch in Addis Ababa city by the name of Moenco Branch, and 129th branch in Dukem Town by the name of Dukem Branch.

These new Branches are integrated to the core banking system of the bank, providing a full-fledged modern banking service.


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በሕብረት ሰርተን በሕብረት እንደግ!
United, we prosper!



The 9th Extraordinary & the 17th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of United Bank S.C. was conducted at the Hilton Addis Abeba on November 19, 2015.

Opening the Extraordinary Meeting, Ato Fasil Asnake, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of United Bank S.C. presented a proposition made by the Board of Directors of the Bank to approve the increase of the paid up share capital of the Bank to Br. 2 billion in four years time. This was followed by a heated discussion on the recommendation and a vote by shareholders on the proposition.

Succeeding the vote made on the capital increase, the Board Chairman Ato Fasil Asnake opened the 17th General Meeting of Shareholders with a key-note address. In his address, he mentioned the FY 2014/15 has observed, a clear progress for the Bank on a number of strategic fronts that include the broadening of the Bank’s service lines following additions of new service packages and overhauling of existing product lines.

Speaking of the Bank’s performance on the other hand, he stated the Bank’s commitment in securing better results in the period was realized by solid performance in key operational areas. According to him, the Bank during the period has earned a total income of Br. 1.3 billion while continuing to experience uninterrupted growth in deposit, achieving an excellent result that now tally with leading industry levels.

In his address, Ato Fasil also highlighted on developments with relation to new product launching that include Hibir Agent Banking and the commencement of acquiring service for Master Card holders in the period.

The meeting that followed the key-note address dwelt on a number of issues pursuant to the Bank’s financial and operational performance during            FY 2014/15 as well as on matters regarding the appropriation of profits, remuneration of Board of Directors, payment of service rendered by External Auditors et al.

Meanwhile, the shareholders made a vote for the appointment of 7 new Board of Directors in place of Directors whose tenure has ended. The Shareholders also voted 5 Nominating Committee members of the Board of Directors as per the directive of the National Bank of Ethiopia that is issued on Bank Corporate Governance.

Finally the meeting reached its conclusion with a unanimous vote in favor of the motions presented for discussion including the declaration of a pro rata dividend of 25% for shareholders on fully paid shares for the year ended June 30, 2015.  



 United Bank has opened its 125th branch in Legetafor-Legedadi city by the name of Legetafo branch.

This new Branch is integrated to the core banking system of the bank, providing a full-fledged modern banking service.


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በሕብረት ሰርተን በሕብረት እንደግ!
United, we prosper!



United Bank added Visa International to its International Card Payment acquiring service, enabling customers to use the service via all the ATMs and POS terminals the Bank has deployed across the country. The commencement of the service is expected to be a positive factor in optimizing the much needed foreign currency earning by the Bank as well as the nation in general.


United is also in the process to start acquiring service with other international card service providers in the likes of UnionPay. 

በሕብረት ሰርተን በሕብረት እንደግ!
United, we prosper!