United Bank announces the official launching of its long term strategic road map to reach its main goal of becoming one of the top five private Banks in East Africa.

The Bank took the initiative to devise a strategic road map that will lead it on a journey of transformation with the underlying intent of capitalizing on the growth opportunity that presents itself in the country as well as to respond to the positive economic developments unfolding regionally and globally.

Accordingly, in order to reap the benefits that will accrue as a result of the financial deepening taking place in due course, our Bank has undergone a process to contrive a strategic road map. The drive to devise the plan, aims to help us grow our competitive advantage through the continuance of our technological lead in the market. It also aims in setting the conditions to enable us to provide an excellent service that appeals to the ever diversifying needs of customers that are demanding more from banks in a form of personalized and competitive banking services. The strategic plan is therefore, a response to position our Bank to cash on these growth opportunities.

The Bank selected Deloitte Consulting Ltd. for the task after going through an international bid process that involved international consulting firms as competitors. Subsequently, after awarding the project in April 2018 the Bank has been undertaking the project’s multifaceted actions centering on transforming the Bank.

The strategic document re-defined the Bank’s vision & mission statement and core values in line with its aspirations of becoming the preferred financial services provider of innovative solutions across Africa.

The strategic document has undergone different deliberations and approval process by the Bank’s Management and the Bank’s Board of Directors. Consequently, the implementation of the 2030 strategic road map is now in full swing following its official completion and the approval of same by the Bank’s Board of Directors.

United Bank’s management strongly believes the implementation of the strategic road map will play a pivotal role in helping the Bank remain competitive by best leveraging its competitive advantage in light of the increased competition both locally as well as from regional and global perspective.

About United Bank

United Bank is a share company established in 1998 that stands among the few prominent private Banks in Ethiopia, operating all over the country with more than 244 branches and provides an array of banking services that include: conventional, interest free and multi-Channel banking products through various service channels that include Agent Banking, ATMs, POS, Internet banking and Mobile banking services.


United Bank has a distinguished track record in instituting the foundation of convenient banking experience to its customers; adapting itself with the ever changing world of technology, and pioneering in IT backed modern banking services. The Bank has been at the forefront of modern banking in the country, introducing technology based new delivery channels such as internet banking and SMS banking.