United Bank has succeeded in upgrading its internet banking service to a new world class online banking – HIBIR ONLINE – successfully migrating from the legacy product it introduced to the local banking sector 7 years ago.

The upgrade has marked another milestone in the already established culture of the Bank; that capitalizes on innovative banking, integrating more benefits of technology that now enables customers to retrieve a wide array of vital account information online, as well as provide the freedom to conduct banking transactions 24/7, other than at their office.

Hibir Online is designed to add up on the bank’s convenient self service option with easy to use technology that allows customers to perform common transactions including: fund transfer to own and others account within United Bank as well as other banks, upload bulk payment such as salary of employees, effect local remittance and conduct similar other transactions. This convenient brand of service is also designed to assist customers to access a full range of vital account information regarding current, saving and over draft accounts, loan particulars, letters of credit (LC) and check book status, exchange rate of foreign currencies and many other relevant details. In order to use the service customers are expected to show up at branches only when signing up for service, ensuring they have an account with the bank; then on wards the service is rendered anytime and anywhere via www.unitedib.com.et, so long as there is a secured internet connection and an apparatus to surf online. 

The service is made to hold all standard features and high security mechanisms that assure customers the best protection with easy to use service experience. Moreover, as an additional security measure the system allows our corporate customers to set multiple signatories to approve transaction amounts.United received the approval to launch the service by the National Bank of Ethiopia after going through the necessary prerequisites that are believed to be critical to the smooth rendering of the service.

It is believed as one of the few bigger private banks in the country serving a large number of individual customers’, corporate firms as well as small and middle market businesses, the bank’s effort made to enhance its online banking solutions will help to develop new functionality that adds up to convenient customers experience while also boosting the bank’s revenue streams.