United Bank S.C would like to update its suppliers list by incorporating reliable and qualified suppliers. 


Interested and qualified firms are, thus, invited to register as a potential vendor for goods, works and 

Services mentioned hereunder:-


1.     Computer & Related

1.1.   Computers

1.2.   UPS different Capacity (KVA)

1.3.   Laser jet Printer, Epson Printer and Passbook Printer

1.4.   Scanner

1.5.   Server & Accessories 

1.6.   Access Switch, Rack mount, UTP Cable and Patch Panel 

1.7.   Hard Disk, Ram and Network Card, etc

1.8.   Network Materials (Trunk, Cable, Breaker & Socket) 

1.9.   Survelliance product Alarm system with camera 

1.10.Network Installation

1.11.Different Capacity of UPS Batteries  

2.     Equipment

Part I 

2.1.   Note Counting Machine (Different type)

2.2.   Multi Currency Detecting Machine (Dollar Detector & Euro Scan)

2.3.   Exchange Rate Display, etc 

2.4.   Fax Machine 

2.5.    Photocopy Machine

2.6.   Queue Management System (QMS) Machine 

2.7.   ATM, Debit Card & Pin Mailer 

              Part II

2.8.   Telephone Apparatus & Accessories

2.9.   Electrical Calculator

2.10.Typewriter Machine (Manual & Electrical) 

2.11.Fire Extinguisher

2.12.Metal Body Detector

2.13. Water Dispenser

2.14.Generator (Different Capacity)

2.15. Air Conditioner (AC)

2.16.Ventilator, etc


3.     Furniture and Fittings

3.1.   Table (different size and types)

3.2.   Swivel Chair  (different size and types)

3.3.   Guest Chairs

3.4.   Three Seater Guest Chair

3.5.   Filling Cabinet , Cupboard , Side Table, BookShelf, Dixon Shelf  

3.6.    Computer Stand , Coffee Table and Typewriter Stand 

3.7.   Coat Hanger

3.8.   Safe (different size)

3.9.   Fire Resistant Filing Cabinet 

3.10.Customer Writing Table, etc

4.     Vehicle and Motorcycle

4.1.   Vehicles (Station Wagon, automobile, double cabin Pick Up & Cash Van)

4.2.   Motorcycle, etc

4.3.   Carry Boy 

5.     Stationery (Different Types) 

5.1.   Photocopy paper  

5.2.   Pen, Pencil, Highlighter and Marker

5.3.   Passbook Printer Ribbon (different types) 

5.4.   Electrical calculator & Type Writer Ribbon 

5.5.   Puncher, Stapler, Paper tray

5.6.   Box file, flat file, posta, carton box, etc

5.7.   String Local 

5.8.   Different rolling paper , etc

6.     Toners (different types)

6.1.   Printer Toners

6.2.   Photocopy Machine Toners

6.3.   Fax Toners

7.     Printing and Related

7.1.   Security Feature Printing

7.2.   Printing of different document (pads) 

7.3.   Printing different format 

7.4.   Different Stamps

7.5.   Printing of  Calendar, brochures , Agenda, Annual Magazine, Postcard & Design Work 

8.     General Supply

8.1.   Uniforms: including shoe, shirt, leather jacket, overcoat, socks and umbrella, etc

8.2.   Cleaning & Sanitary Materials, etc


9.     Parts & Consumables 

9.1.   Different capacity of UPS batteries 

9.2.  Electrical material

9.3.  Car Tyre, Inner Tube, Battery , Alarm and Seat Cover etc

9.4.  Spare parts for vehicle, generator & motorcycle 

9.5.  Building material, etc

10.  Metal, Wood and Aluminum Work 

10.1.Counter Works

10.2.Partition Works 

10.3.Strong Room Works 

10.4.Guard House Works

10.5.Generator House Work 

10.6. Metal Grill Works, etc

11.  Service Works 

11.1. Network installation 

11.2. Electrical installation 

11.3. Plumbing installation 

11.4. Painting & plastering works

11.5. Generator Installation Works

11.6. Carpet Works

11.7. Curtain Works/Vertical Blind

11.8.Property Evaluation , etc

12.  Advertisement Works

12.1. Light Boxes

12.2. Bill Boards

12.3. Banners & Sticker 

12.4. Television, radio, news paper, etc

12.5. T-Shirt 

12.6.Give Away Items/ Gift Article, etc

13.  Maintenance Work 

13.1. Maintenance of different Office Equipment  

13.2. Maintenance of Generator & AC

13.3. Maintenance of Electrical Installation 

13.4. Maintenance of Plumbing Works

13.5. Maintenance of Vault door and Safe    

   Configuration of Safe Combination 

13.6. Maintenance of Vehicle

13.7. Maintenance of furniture & fitting etc

14.  Other Services 

14.1. Vehicle Washing  

14.2. Seat Cover Cleaning

14.3.  Maintenance of  Vehicle radio & Tape

14.4.  Maintenance of  telephone lines 

14.5.  Office Furniture cleaning etc

 15. Others

        15.1.    Café & Restaurant 

         15.2.  Groceries  

         15.3.   Supermarkets 

        15.4.   Book Shop etc 



  1. The forms for submission of details to a company letter of registration may be collected from the United Bank S.C. of Procurement Division located Mekwor Building ground floor in front of Global Hotel starting from April 16, 2018.
  2. Letter for registration with all supporting documents shall be deposited (submitted) at the United Bank S.C. address indicated under No (1) above not later than May 5, 2018, 4:00 PM.
  3. United Bank S.C. will shortlist the firms based on the letter of registration and accompanied documents.
  4. For more information call     - 0114 655 222   ext. 212 or 211  

                                                   0114 673 208 or 0114 706 541

5. United Bank S.C. reserves the right to accept or reject any or all registrations



Bid No.  UB/061/2017

United Bank Share Company would like to invite interested International Bidders to bid for the Consultancy Service to prepare its 12 years Strategy Document (called "Strategy 2030")

Therefore, interested Bidders can compete as per the following conditions.

1.      A complete set of Bidding documents can be purchased by interested Bidders upon payment of non-refundable fee of Birr 1,000 (One Thousand Birr) or its equivalent US dollar after 2 (two) days of this bid announcement for the first time.

2.      Bidders can obtain the bid document from Procurement Division, which is located at Debrezeit road around Global Hotel, Mekwor Plaza building basement floor.

3.      Interested Bidders are advised to review the bid document carefully before preparing & submitting their bids.

4.      Bids must be submitted on or before Dec 29, 2017 until 5:00 P.M.

5.      Each bid must be presented in a sealed envelope and strictly in accordance with the instruction to Bidders indicated in the bid document.

6.      The bid will be opened at United Bank S.C. Head Office located at Mekwor Plaza Bldg 1st floor in Board Conference room at the presence of Bidders or their representatives who choose  to attend in the bid opening  on Dec 30, 2017 at 9:00 A.M

7.      Failure to observe the instructions & conditions provided in the bid document will constitute grounds for rejection of the Bidder from competition.

8.      The Bank reserves the right to accept or reject the bid partly or totally.

9.      For additional information Bidders can contact by the following address

Tel. 011 465 5222 ext. 212 and 261 or 011 470 6541

                                 United Bank S.C.