The event that marked the completion of the 32 floor skeleton works for United Bank’s Headquarters was held at the Hilton Addis Hotel on April 17, 2018.  The event that featured field visit at the construction site and a reception program at the Hilton Addis afterwards was dignified by the President of United Bank Ato Taye Dibekulu and other dignitaries from China Jiangsu International Economic and Technical Cooperation Group Ltd. including Mr. Li Youchun, V/ President of the company, Mr. Deng Yajun, Director – Zambian Team as well as Mr. Qiu Zengjian – Project Manager of the building and Ato Eskinder Wubetu, Managing director of Eskinder Architects.

During the event Ato Taye noted the signing of the construction agreement with China Jiangsu International Group in May 2015 was a landmark achievement for United Bank as it marked the beginning of the right path towards owning its own headquarters. Thereupon, he said the Bank wanted an efficient and effective construction company that produces result that it can be proud of. He added he is glad the company has lived up to the expectation of the Bank, completing the skeleton works of the last 32nd floor of the building, at a time frame that is ahead of the revised schedule devoted for the work. 

He further remarked, since the remaining stage of the project prescribes the overall quality, aesthetics and serviceability of the building an even more perseverance and an utmost care is expected from the company during the remaining stages of the project. 

Finally, he thanked everyone involved in the project for their diligence and hard work.