You can Send/Receive money through United Bank ATMs following these simple steps:

1. Send Money

  • Please insert your Hibir card through the card slot and enter your pin number.
  • Choose “Money Send Service” under other service menu,
  • Enter Ten Digit Destination Reference Number (TDRN), (the numbers can be put in any order)
  • Enter the amount of money you want to send (maximum amount 3,500 birr per day),
  • Collect the receipt from the ATM, which indicates the amount and secret code,
  • Inform the TDRN and secret code to the beneficiary,

2. Receive Money

  • Press the “Money Receive” button from the ATM’s option list,
  • Enter the Ten Digit Destination Reference Number (TDRN) and secret code,
  • Collect the cash from the ATM,
Beneficiaries can receive money without a bank account or Hiber Card.





  • Please Also Note: Sending or receiving money will be allowed only using United Bank’s ATMs.