A half day workshop that focused on building customers awareness concerning the newly upgraded Hibir Online services took place on March 19,2015 at the Hilton Addis - Awash Hall. The workshop centered on helping customers make the most of the Bank's state of the art Hibir Online services to perform common transactions in the like of transferring funds, uploading bulk payment such as salary of employees, effecting local remittance and perform many other tasks online - 24/7.

Ato Melaku Kebede, V/President, Systems and E-Banking gave the workshop to representatives of organizations attending the event. According to him the service is made to hold all standard features and high security mechanisms that assure customers the best protection with easy to use service experience. The Workshop was also honored by the presence of the Bank's President, Ato Taye Dibekulu.




United Bank presented a one million birr gift for the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam at an event held on March 18, 2015 inside the office of the National Coordination Council for the Renaissance Dam. Speaking at the event Ato Taye Dibekulu, President of United Bank, said the Bank acknowledges the value that the construction of the GERD has on the country’s overall economic development. Thus, he said the Bank has been actively participating in the buildup process starting from the beginning. According to him, over and above the contribution made by the Bank’s employees, the Bank has been chipping in, to the project via the purchase of NBE bills.

Ato Taye also announced at the event the bank has made a purchase of 1 million birr bond for the cause and stated the participation of the Bank for the construction of the dam will continue until the finishing line.




A workshop intended on building customers' awareness regarding the basic principles, nature and benefits of interest free banking was conducted in three regional towns, to wit, Logyia (Afar regional state) Dessie and Kombolcha. Dignified by the presence of the Bank's top executives including the Bank's president, the workshop was held on February 21, March 11 and 12, 2015 respectively. At the workshop issues concerning Interest Free Banking, as seen from the perspective of sharia law, was given by the Bank's Interest Free Banking Advisor Ato Ibrahim Dawud.

Mean while, Ato Melaku kebede the Bank's Systems and E-Banking V/ President gave a detailed explanation concerning the various features of the service. The workshop also featured a discussion session and replies were given to a wide array of questions and concerns regarding the service. The workshop has been attended by different segments of the towns' population, including respected elders, the business community and religious leaders.


United Bank has opened its 116th branch in Adama town by the name of Berecha Adama Branch. This new Branch is integrated to the core banking system of the bank, providing a full-fledged modern banking service.


Branch number 116Berecha Adama Branch,  Adama Town –  Tel. 0221-125802  0221-130158    0221-120557      Fax:0221-127894

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