·      United renders full-fledged domestic banking services (i.e. personal, business, corporate banking) to its customers at a competitive terms and tariffs,

 ·      The bank accepts all type of deposits mobilized mainly in the form of Ordinary Saving Account, Special Saving Account, Minor Account, Current Account, and Fixed Time Deposit. Therefore, ILRI staff can enjoy these available products with competitive interest rate depending on the type of deposit account,

·      An SMS message is always sent whenever there is a deposit or withdrawal made to the specific account right away, 

·      Likewise, it grants loans and advances to various sectors of the economy,

·      United has a Broadband Local Money Transfer (BLMT) service which has made us prominent in giving the fastest money transfer service in the market which is almost equivalent to hand to hand exchange,

·      The bank provides various guarantee facilities to its customers depending on their interest,

 ·      Moreover, with its unreserved commitment to live up to its customers’ fulfillment, United has started rendering Interest Free Banking and Agent Banking Services

 ·      We are providing an efficient Payroll Facilities to several international and national organizations. It renders payroll service to employees of organizations by crediting salary account of each staff.  Employees will get SMS alert message immediately from our mobile banking services when their salary is credited to their account,

·      All our Branches are networked. This helps our customers to bank at any branches of United Bank adhering to the adage, “the customer of a United Bank Branch is customer of all United Bank Branches”. 

·      Above all, the bank is currently rendering 24/7 overnight services at its Hilton Branch, which is open for 24 hours. All customers of the bank can deposit or withdraw their money without limitation. There is no charge to be applied for all deposit accounts.