The international banking services and operations of United Bank are presented as follows.

                                 ·        International Money Transfer

o    As our bank utilizes SWIFT for its financial communications, the amount transferred will be deposited to the account maintained in our bank within few minutes after the message is transferred,

o    The incoming transfer service of our bank is efficient with very short processing time,

o    When the amount to be transferred to your organization is deposited in one of our accounts maintained in our correspondent banks, the message will immediately be communicated to us and the amount will be deposited to your account maintained with us in few minutes. This will be communicated to you immediately,

o    It is also possible to transfer foreign currency from any account in any bank which has bilateral key exchange arrangement with our Bank,

o    United Bank can process and effect payments to countries of the world in any major currencies for the payments outside Ethiopia in line with NBE direction. We can site International Global Currencies of London, UK, and

o    In addition, international money transfer service will be facilitated using the aforementioned international money transfer agents (such as Western Union and MoneyGram).

 ·        Exchange Rate

o    Our bank provides foreign currency exchange services using its branches and forex bureaus, and  

o    UB handles any Foreign Exchange deal with legal sellers or buyers within the NBE directives and in compliance with Anti Money Laundering rules.


·        Foreign Currency Deposit and Other Accounts

 o    Your esteemed organization can open Non Resident Foreign Currency Account (NR FCY), Non Resident Birr Account (NR Birr) and Non Transferable Birr Account (NT Birr) in one of our branches in accordance with the regulations of the NBE,

o    Your organization can open various manageable accounts in major currencies like US dollar, Pound Sterling, Euro and Birr,

o    When you open NR account, you will be issued two types of checks (one for the local currency and the other for the foreign currency you opened). You can transfer the foreign currency abroad and you can do so within the limit of your balance in your account. If you want to cash a USD account, there is no threshold to the amount you cash as long as it is within the limit of your account balance and the local payments should be made effective in local currency (converted into Birr by the ruling exchange rate),

o    Our Bank is authorized to open NR/NT account by National Bank of Ethiopia, and 

o    Our Bank can issue foreign currency bank drafts as per your request.