Hibret Bank's Board of Directors

Board of Directors Profile

Samrawit Getamessay  (Board Chairperson)Born on: 1978
Qualification: BSc. Computer Science and Engineering
Work experience: Management and IT
Total years of service: 20
Current Occupation: OMEDAD PLC, General Manager—Operations
Mesfin Tessema  (Board V/chairperson)

Born on: 1961
Qualification: BA, MSC (Accounting), MBA, FCCA (Fellow member of The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)
Work Experience: Director Strategic planning (African Union Commission), Vice president (Hibret Bank SC) and Finance Manager (Construction and Business Bank)
Total years of service: 36
Current Occupation:  Self employed 

Ato Getachew Ayele  

Born on: 1954
Qualification: LLM from Amsterdam Law School, LLB from AAU and Advanced Diploma in English Language from former Teachers’ CollegeWork experience: Legal Department Head and Legal Advisor to the Minister in Ministry of Defence, Legal Advisor in the former Addis Metal Tools Enterprise and Procurement Department and High School English Teacher.
Total years of service: 25+
Current Occupation: Deputy Managing Director, Burayu Development PLC.

Ato Tesfaye Desta

Born on: 1964
Qualification: Completed major courses leading to MBA and BA in Accounting
Work experience: CEO, Oromia Insurance Company, Manager in different positions and Deputy General Manager, Operations in United Insurance S.C.Total years of service: 30+
Current Occupation: Deputy General Manager, Operations in United Insurance .

 Chanyalew Yilma

Born on: 1967
Qualification: MA in Corporate Management and Finance from the Business Institute of Paris (Sorbonne) France, BA in Political Science and International Relations from AAU, Diploma in Banking and Finance from Addis Ababa Commercial college
Work experience: Deputy Managing Director, Executive Director—in National Cement, CEO in East African Group, V/P of Administration and Finance  in Bank of Abyssinia, President—Bank of Abyssinia, Assistant V/P in different positions in Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) and Executive Assistant to the Executive V/P-Operations in CBE
Total years of service: 30+
Current Occupation:  Managing Director, Cement and Energy in National Cement S.C. 

Getachew Ashinne

Born on: 19 48
Qualification: BA in Business Administration and Diploma in Commerce
Work experience: General Manager in Sterling Products International (USA) and Finance Manager Ethiopia and Sudan Offices, Commercial Representative & Manager, Alternate Manager for General Cargo Superintendence, Sarl-Dijibouti Office in Societe General de Surveillance Geneva; General Manager in General Cargo Trading PLC
Total years of service: 40+
Current Occupation: Self-employed (Owner and General Manager—Getachew Ashinne Real Estate, Import-Export Trade)

        Wondiye Girma

Born on:  1966 
Qualification: Bachelor of Laws
Work experience: Conciliator & Arbitrator, Labour Dept. Head, Judge, Councillor & Attorney at Law
Total years of service: 33 years
Current Occupation: Councillor and Attorney - At La

Board Sub-Committees

No.Sub-CommitteesMembers the Sub-Committees
1.Audit Sub-CommitteeAto Getachew Ashinne,  and Ato Wendiye Girma
2.Finance, Risk Review and Compliance Sub-CommitteeAto Tesfaye Desta,  Ato Chanyalew Yilma and  Ato Mesfin Tessema
3.Loan Review Sub-CommitteeAto Getachew Ayele,  and Ato Chanyalew Yilma
4.HR Affairs and Business Development Sub-CommitteeAto Wossenu Kumela,  W/ro Samrawit Getamessay (Eng.) and  Ato Mesfin Tessema