Business Banking

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Demand Deposit /Current/ Account

Non-interest-bearing deposit account that allows making multiple payments, receipts and other transactions on a daily basis

Special Blocked Saving Account

Interest-bearing saving account that must contain a minimum blocked deposit amount from the total savings

Fixed Time Deposit Account

Interest-earning deposit account that allows depositors to earn attractive and negotiated interest rate by agreeing to save for…

Provident Fund Saving Account

Long term interest-earning savings account maintained in the name of individual staff members of an organization

Payroll Payment Account

Interest-earning savings account maintained by organizations to pay their employees’ payroll payments

Pension Payment Account

Interest-earning saving
account designed for retired pensioners

School Fee Collection Deposit Account

It helps to avoid a one-time large sum investment and helps to realize their aspiration in higher education

Overseas Employees Account Service

An interest-earning foreign currency deposit account, tailored to Ethiopians travelling to foreign countries

Escrow Deposit Account

Deposit account in which our Bank enters into a tripartite agreement to hold a fund (deposit) of two parties