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Diaspora Personal Loan

This is a type of loan that is extended for personal use; such as for the purchase of household items, home renovation, car maintenance, education, medical help, cover wedding costs etc

Diaspora Automobile Loan

It is extended for the purchase of automobiles; either for personal use or for rental purposes (i.e. code 02 or 03 vehicles). The year of manufacturing for the vehicle shall not exceed 15 years at the time of purchase.

Purpose of Vehicle State of the Vehicle FCY Equity Contr. Maximum Tenure (years)
Code 02 Used >=55% 8
Brand New >=45% 10
Code 03 Used >=60% 8
Brand New >=45% 10

Diaspora Housing Loan

Anyone with a valid Diaspora ID is entitled to this loan. However, to be entitled to a housing loan, the applicant should channel at least 20% of the total loan request amount in acceptable FCY prior to loan approval.

Purpose FCY Equity Contr. Maximum Tenure (years)
Purchase and Construction 20% -30% 15
>31% – 55% 20
55 – 65% 20
>65% 25

Diaspora Direct Investments (DDI)

Hibret Bank also extends various Diaspora Direct Investments (DDI) packages offering Investments schemes for businesses affiliated to the Diasporas. The DDI loans have lower interest rates and longer loan tenure.

DDI – Real Estate

DDI-Real Estate loan is extended for real estate developers to be used for building residential or commercial buildings for rent or sale. In order to qualify for the service, developers are expected to have an equity contribution made in foreign currency.

DDI – Manufacturing

DDI Manufacturing loan is meant for manufacturing establishments by the Diaspora with equity contribution made in FCY. The financing will be extended for working capital or project accomplishments

DDI – Movable Economic Asset Financing

DDI – Movable Economic Asset Financing is a financing option extended to cover the partial cost to purchase Transport vehicles, Equipments, and Construction Machineries used for rental or operational purposes with the intent to generate income. Those who will qualify for the purpose can purchase these assets for their own or third-party i.e. family members or others by contributing the equity in FCY

Minimum FCY Equity Contr. Maximum Tenure (years)
40% 5