Hibir Debit Card

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Hibir Debit Card used for conducting transaction on ATMs and POS terminals by all account holders with the debit card.


  • Cash Withdrawals: for Hibret Bank, other PSS member banks, Eth-switch members‟ banks, Visa, MasterCard, CUP branded Cardholders
  • Fund transfer: for Hibret Bank Card holders. Transfers can be done to own account to other Hibret Bank account.
  • Money send & receive: enable the Bank‟s card holders to transfer money to anyone using Hibret Bank‟s ATM Terminals, where the beneficiary can redeem money without the need to have bank account and /or card from Hibret Bank‟s ATM, or PSS members it can also be arranged to be received from branches
  • Balance Inquiry: for all Hibret Bank account & card holder.
  • Payments on POS machines: for all Hibret Bank account & card holder.
  • Mini- Statements viewing: for all Hibret Bank account & card holder


  • 24/7 access to account
  • Enables transaction on POS & ATM
  • Secured cashless transaction


  • All individuals, corporate/businesses customer per their respective corporate mandate (manner of operation). Note: Joint signatories and visually impaired people are not entitled for Debit Card service.