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Wadi’ah (safekeeping contract)

Hibret Bank Provides Interest Free Banking service which are complaint to the sharia principle

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Wadi`ah refers to a contract by which an owned asset is placed with another party based on trusteeship (Amanah) for safekeeping purposes. There are two types of wadi`ah accounts offered by our Bank:  Current Al Wadi`ah Saving Al Wadi`ah

Account Features

  • It is opened by customers for an unspecified period for safekeeping
  • With the approval of the customer the Bank utilizes the fund for financing Shariah- compliant business
  • The Bank will guarantee payment of the principal as demanded by the customer
  • Clients that have wadi‟ah class of account will be provided with passbook or checkbook, card banking, mobile banking, internet banking, branch service, etc.